Backed up new project. no problems

Hello, OP, I am having similar ballpark(?) issue here.
I have ‘backed up new project’ and made:

  • permanent direct offline processing
  • remove unused audio data

And, somehow, some tracks showing ‘chopped up’ loss of data…?
I am certain that, my direct offline processing were all indeed, very heavy.

  • RX spectral noise removal
  • RX crackle removal
  • RX plosive removal
  • EQ

I thought ‘DIRECT OFFLINE PROCESSING’ is done as ‘rendering’, no?

Shall I avoid using DOP…?

I really loved this feature but um, somehow Cubase is making random error in the middle of copying the data to new folder…

Any known issues about this that I should be aware of…?

Cheers! I am on Cubase 12 Pro latest update on mac os.
Sorry for this bump! I posted this but could not get much help…