Backend to Dorico via IAC MIDI

Logic appears to not quite work in this application so I’m looking to see if Cubase pro can do it. I want to use Dorico for the composition and initial MIDI mock up, finally ‘printing’ the MIDI data to tracks in Cubase. This is what I want for a symphonic score (many instruments)

Dorico -> MIDI output (IAC Driver) - > DAW

Logic can do this, with some Environment tweaking, for playback, but it appears I cannot record MIDI this way (since tracks are limited to 16 MIDI channels input, I need upwards of 100)

So the questions are

  • Can I assign both a MIDI interface and a MIDI channel to a single track? Each track will have it’s own VST with settings for audio output
  • Is there any limitation to the number of these inputs and tracks?
  • Can I hit the Record button and have (say) 100 channels of input MIDI data recording simultaneously on the tracks? In Logic this is enabled by setting “Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording”, however is limited to 16 channels
  • Is there anything clumsy with this, like I have to go through and record enable them one by one?
  • This is a lot of VST’s which Logic handles easily, especially with the newish ‘lazy load’ feature (don’t load until needed). Does Cubase have the equivalent?
  • To be clear, I’d use Cubase for both Playback (while composing) and recording (print the final MIDI data over to Cubase for mixing and final editing. Any problem with this?
  • Can Cubase be triggered to start recording after I hit Play in Dorico?
  • I have a MIDI Solutions Beat Indicator on a custom MIDI port to indicate tempo, it requires a particular click (note 25 channel 10) Dorico can output the click to this visual device, I assume Cubase can also?

Thank you!


MIDI standard is limited for 16 MIDI channels. This is nothing to do with Dorico, Logic or Cubase.

Wouldn’t it be easier just to export > import MIDI file?