Background Hiss


Was all ready to use Cubasis properly for the first time however have a background hiss that can clearly be heard during quoet parts of recording.

Using a ipad2 with no effects and wanted to record acoustic guitar using a irig plugged into a mixing desk recording guitar using a Shure mic.

I initilally thought i may be getting interference via the desk and mic however pulled everttging out and just tried via the ipad internal mic and background hiss still there, have pulled out charger and also switched to airplane mode but still have the issue.

Any advice gratefully recieved,


I did try to upload a screenshot to show the hiss registering on the levels but not sure how to upload a photo on this forum.

Hi Martyn123,

Thanks for your message.

So far we’re not able to reproduce the issue.
Cubasis on its own should not produce any background hiss issues.