Background services, and other W10 tweaks


Thanks for your recommendations for us to look at our own computer systems before blaming Cubase when we’re having problems, good points and very interesting read IMO (I can’t find it now for some reason).

You wrote there you recommended we consider “set processes to background services”. I think it’s worth pointing out that SMD (Smart Microsoft Dude) at Gearspace says:

Changing processor scheduling to ‘Background Services’ is almost never beneficial to an audio workstation”

The whole 3- part article is a very interesting read!

Thanks again for taking the time to put that together! :slight_smile:

Wasn’t this a common recommendation from back in the Windows XP days?
I know why it was recommended, but I am not sure why it is not anymore with Windows 10.

The guy said in the link that the DAW is usually a foreground service, so setting priority to background services is counterproductive. At least that what it seems to me he says.

He has a lot of cred, IMO. I’m interested in other people’s thoughts.