Backing up/Copying presets/settings confusion

Hi Guys,

Having recently switched to a Mac, I’m needing to copy all my settings over from the PC.
Having both copies of Nuendo and Cubase, I need to consolidate settings and presets from both programs and copy them over the Mac.
I’m also wanting to keep regular backups of my settings which I have been doing for some time via dropbox.

However, with recent versions this seems to have become more and more messy and confusing.
For example, I know that settings and some presets reside in the Application Data folder, which on the PC at least is in the Roaming folder.
However, it appears only (slowly being depreciated) VST 2 presets are stored there, and that midi loops and VST3 presets are stored somewhere else.

So I would love to hear what I exactly need to copy and where to, and what folders I need to take into account when running backups, as right now it’s a cluster funk of different folders, locations, and hidden files.

Can anyone (preferably an SB moderator) shed some light?



ps: on a related note, it would be fabulous if SB/Yamaha offered a cloud service that saves all this stuff on to the cloud, with some levels of regression and periodic backups. This way your settings, key commands, midi loops etc would be available wherever you work.

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