Backing up EVERYTHING, before a PC Reformat

I’m hoping to accomplish a 1:1 restoration of everything I have set after I do a PC reformat soon.

Any tips?

I’m thinking I will just do an entire backup of ‘My Documents’ ‘AppData\Roaming’,‘AppData\Local’, some presets on my desktop and that should cover everything right?

It’s unbelievable how scattered everything is!

Perhaps post in the Computer general forum as this is not really a post pertaining to Cubase.

btw – no, backing up mydocs, appdata is not enough to backup everything.

I’m not talking about my other computer stuff.

-Cubase preference, shortcut keys.
-MediaBay user entered data/fields/preferences
-Groove Agent 5 (full version) user intruments, kits and user entered field data
-All user presets for VSTs/VSTis

What else am I missing outside of the root directories I listed?

I don’t mind reinstalling VSTs/VSTis, I find you have to as sometimes registry information needs to be re-applied to the new OS or something like that, sort of bsing here maybe.

This is something i would love to know too

I am on OS X so locations are different for mine.

Make sure you backup your keys and what not.

I recently got hit with a bad system issue and learned my lesson …again lol
external drives are so inexpensive nowadays that you can just Image your disk and have everything backed up for retrieval. Yes, you’ll be backing up much stuff you won’t need but it’s easier than picking and choosing what to back up.
Just go into the image when you realize you need something. So much easier than looking for what to back up.