Backing up parts of OS drive for Cubase files - Windows 7

I’ve had it with Acronis and decided to just back up parts of my OS drive the old-fashion way from now on, but I want to be sure I save all my Cubase settings, prefs, etc…which for some unknown reason Steinberg places in multiple areas all over the drive. If I just saved my “user” folder and the Steinberg folder in “program files” would that cover everything?


You’d need to make sure Acronis backs up the C:Users//AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 7_64 (not sure what the 32 bit path is).

It should catch it by getting all sub-directories under your user directory, but sometimes backup apps try to be too smart for their own good and will not grab hidden folders, system folders, etc.

I use Crashplan (awesome service) and used its “show hidden files and folders” feature to explicitly select that folder, just to be sure.

If there are other areas that need to be backed up, I’m not aware and will be interested to see if anyone else chimes in.

Thanks, but I simply do not want Acronis on my DAW anymore and would just like to know which files I would have to back up as to make sure and get everything Cubase related backed up.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Check out this page in the knowledgebase, it lists all that stuff.