Backing up project 6.5

Hi, In the past I’ve made a mistake to not set the project to Wave or AiFF so many old songs are containing both Wave and AIFF files, due to importing audio. When I want to backup the project I get an error because I MUST choose what the new project setup will be, WAVE or AIFF.
Of course I can record the audio again in the right format before backing up but is there a way around this?


The project setup only determines the format of the recorded audio, not imported audio. And having mixed format files in a project is not a problem for Cubase, and also not for backing up a project. Also “backup project” does not ask to determin a file format, it simply copies the project.

Thanks thinkingcap, I was wrong that I needed to determine WAVE or AIFF when baking up. Still backing up project only fails (error) when the song contains both WAVE and AIFF files, any idea what goes wrong then?

I tired it here and had no problems, so no idea what’s wrong on your side.
But you should be able to convert the filetypes in the pool.

Can’t see a way to do that but thanks anyway.