[?] Backing up projects and re-importing backups

While I now how I can back up projects via iTunes, is there a certain procedure to move a project sitting on my desktop back to the iPad?

What is the purpose of the “Audio” folder in the Cubasis root directory? Isn’t all audio saved to the project’s specific “Audio” folder? Can I delete the Audiofiles inside the Mediabay (I understand those are stored inside the root “Audio” folder) without fear that the audio data actually USED by a project gets lost, too?

Is this correct:

root “Audio” directory --> ALL audio files
“Audio” directories inside the project directories --> audio files USED by the project

Desktop Cubase has a function to delete all audio snibblets that aren’t actually being in use (or was that Logic?)…

I made the mistake to go for the 3G version of the iPad4 instead of spending the 3G money on more storage capacity…doh!


the usual workflow to store and retrieve your backups is:

  • Select your project and use the .zip option for sharing
  • Drag&Drop the .zip file from your computer on your iPad using iTunes file sharing.

The .zip file is then extracted automatically and the project is added to the MediaBay.

If this does not work for you let me know.

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Danke Frieder,

could you also reply to my above question regarding the “audio” directories and cleaning up space?


sure I can. I was doublechecking that I don’t give you an incorrect answer.

The Audio folder contains:

  • The factory audio files
  • The audio files that you imported from iTunes, WiFi server, AudioPaste, Email, or from other apps
  • The audio files that you saved from the audio editor with the “To Media” button

A project’s audio folder contains:

  • All audio files that you added to that project (i.e. double tapped in the MediaBay)
  • All audio recordings (they are not automatically stored in the Mediabay’s Audio folder)

If you don’t need an audio for for anymore, you can delete it from the audio folder since every project has it’s own (invisible) audio folder.

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