Backing up projects

I am upgrading my hardware and this will necessarily involve uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase. I am preparing to backup all my projects and settings. Is it sufficient to backup the MyProjects folder? This contains all the .cpr and .bak files, as well as the audio .wav files in the project pools.

In theory, if I uninstall and reinstall, will those projects load as before with those files?

I regularly move my projects around my drives and it’s never an issue. You may need to instruct Cubase on the new project folder but after that it’s fine.

I would also back up all your settings. In my case, they are located at: C:\Users<ME>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg

You may not need all sub folders, but just make a copy of everything “just in case”.

What kind of settings does this include? templates ?

This folder seems to contain all global settings, presets, templates, etc. I back the entire structure up as part of my daily backups.