Backing up the WL8 online download

Purchased the Wavelab 8 online download version today. I wanted to backup the download file to DVD to keep safe. I’m a Windows 7 user and I used Nero 9 burning ROM to do this.

When burning I got the following warning message about an ISO 9660 standard failure in the nested Wavelab file structure.

“This compilation does not meet the ISO 9660 and Windows 9x standard; i.e. it contains at least one folder with a path depth of more than 8 levels and /or a path name longer than 255 characters. Are you sure you want to allow this?”

The ISO 9660 standard relates to the following.
There are several specification levels. In Level 1, file names must be in the 8.3 format (no more than eight characters in the name, no more than three characters in the suffix) and in capital letters. Directory names can be no longer than eight characters. There can be no more than eight nested directory levels. Level 2 and 3 specifications allow file names up to 32 characters long.

I believe the Joliet extension to the ISO 9660 adds the long file name support and file nesting, so I suspect that this is only an issue if trying to recover from a DVD/CD backup to an OS which requires the files to follow this standard and this is unlikely to be an issue given the OS that WL8 runs on. However as I came across this I thought I’d just point this out as general information for WL8 users.


Thanks for the report.

You’re welcome Phillipe.


I used ImgBurn and didn’t have any problem.

Preparing Image…
Checking Path Length…
Contents: 104 Files, 68 Folders
Content Type: Data
Data Type: MODE1/2048
File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02)
Volume Label: WaveLab 8 for Windows
Size: 338,021,954 bytes
Sectors: 165,110
Image Size: 339,345,408 bytes
Image Sectors: 165,696
Operation Successfully Completed!

How hard can it be to burn a single file to disc? What’s the deal with “his compilation does not meet the ISO 9660” etc etc…

What is it exactly that you are trying to burn? You should be burning that single archive file that you downloaded.


Also, I don’t really see the need to make a backup, especially to an optical format. In the time you spent trying to burn that disc and make a post on this forum, you could have just downloaded the installer again should you ever need it again. The current installer file will be outdated in a month anyway as PG noted 8.0.2 will be ready around then.

If I was really concerned about having an archive of stuff that’s really easy to download online anyway, I’d just toss the files on a flash drive or Dropbox folder for easy access…but I know that some people are having a hard time not having a big physical circular copy to take up space. I often have to explain to clients that a crappy CD-R copy of their album is not going to be a great way to archive it, if they really care about it, get it on a hard disk or flash drive of some kind and have it in two places.

+1. I store all my archives on the server - ready for action at any time.


… assuming the internet will alway be available (in much the same way as bankers assumed perpetual economic growth), then OK, there’s probably no problem, but I’m not sure I’d like to place my trust in a studio that depended on computers and yet didn’t have a basic disaster recovery plan in place.