Backing up VSTi patches?

So Media Bay controls the patches we select with our VSTis (unless the VSTi has its own preset manager, of course). My question is , where do these patches “live” on the computer? I want to back up my patches routinely so that if my hard drive fails I still have my patches. My previous computer died, and while I saved all my projects, my patches were all lost. Any help with this please?

Aloha j and good question.

I do not know where the patches are stored on the 'puter but I believe they
probably are stored with each song.

I say this because quite often I will tweak a HASE patch on my desktop computer
in a unique way for a song that I will use live on stage.

I then save and transfer that song to my laptop and that unique tweaking
will alway be there just the way it was in the original copy.


The presets are stored on the computer. “Where” depends on what kind of computer with which OS, which you´re not mentioning.
The good thing: It is even mentioned in the manual, so you can read it up yourself…

Windows. The manual said it was in users\username\AppData\Roaming\VST3 Presets
This is NOT the case on mine. But I did find it finally at:

C:\Users\username\Documents\VST3 Presets

thanks though

A bit more information about Steinbergs control of user patches.

Yes, the patch is always saved with the .cpr (project) but sometimes there are cases where it would be nice for the user to have control over where the individual patches…separate from the .cpr are saved.

For myself, I like consistency. My Wave, UAD, NI patches are saved in the project folder with identifiable names and can be loaded from the project folder. Okay…yes the .cpr file is of course saved in my project folder, and it also has presets saved inside it. I just don’t like that concept.

I trick I use to know where a patch in mediabay is located (in Windows):

Open mediabay, select the patch, and then press the SUPR key. A dialog appears asking if you really want to delete the patch. It contains the full path of the patch. You can then copy & paste the name into the explorer or do whatever you want with it.