Backup all user data

Hi there, another one from me (I’m in between projects and asking the questions I never have time for)

I’ve spent a lot of time customising workspaces, controller lane setups, track presets etc. Is there a one-click solution for quickly (and therefore hopefully regularly!) backing up all my user data. It would be nice to be able to easily transfer my preferences to another machine, and also to know that it’s all backed up.

Grateful for workarounds/suggestions if there isn’t a solution within cubase itself.



File > Profile Manager… > Export.


I deserved an RTFM for that Q, but thanks for replying.

Very grateful.

And of course we all should do regular OS level backups of our disks. :ugeek:

Should upload to some of the best and trusted server., obviously which are paid. This is how your data will be saved from any crises