Backup and Restore With Acronis True Image

I recently purchased a UR22C which came with Cubase le. I upgraded to Elements 10.5. After installing the program I created a backup image
of drive C: with Acronis True Image 2019. My system is Windows 10 pro Asus Zenbook 16 gig ram 1 TB Samsung SSD. The image file was
22 Gigs. I then restored it but came up with an error. I would like to know if there is and issue with the software E-Licenser keys not being able
to be backed up up and restored with Acronis True Image. I had to reinstall cubase and of course the old keys do not work so I had to get new keys
from the web site. The problem is I will run windows 10 for a while and then re-image with MXLinux and use it for a while. I have tried
to dual boot with Win 10 and Linux but Win10 does not appear to like to share the EFI boot loader.
Thank You

Hi, I do not know what the reason for your issues is, but:
I use Acronis True Image 2019 all the time - also with windows 10 - and restoring a full image does not affect any of the cubase functionality here.
Maybe the backup settings are crucial: Have you had a look at the “excluded” options in Acronis while doing the backup? Have you done a sector by sector backup?

All the best, Ernst

Like Elien mentioned, your issue is not clear to me either. Why not just re-authorize when you go back to win10 after Linux, is what I have always had to do, and happily no issues. I believe the whole reason they have the eLicenser is to prevent duplicating the authentication, which would include backups being restored to different machines, and even to exact duplicate machines. Does that include the same computer?, very good question, maybe?, maybe that is required for them to be able to prevent piracy and could be that even when you change the boot loader it changes the “signature” of the machine, not my field. Do know there are firmware codes to each and every electronic hardware device manufactured that are unique to each individual machine (MAC ID) and that could (probably) is/be included in the eLicenser. There is also an upgrade to the Acronis software that can handle different types of system images and is intended to increase the ability to restore bootable system images, you might look into that. - Steinberg or Acronis support may be able to help you.