Backup .cpr's?

So I noticed I have additional .cpr project files that I didn’t save myself. I recently upgraded to Lion, is this lion’s doing? Reason I’m asking, Cubase crashed, so when I went to open it again, it said there is a newer backup version than the last saved one and if I want to open it. If I say yes, it then returns an error…

“Project ‘___’ was created with Cubase 1.x. This program version cannot load it.”

Aside from these additional .cpr files (filename-01.cpr, filename-02.cpr…etc), there are the normal .bak files that I am able to load up.

Anyone experience this?

I have the same issue, did you find a way to fix it?

Have you installed Cubase 7?

My situation is a BIT different. Im on PC and am using Cubase 6 (Dont want to shell out 200 dollars for an upgrade) But the error is the same after crashing though!