Backup Error during file copy!

I am trying to backup a project and Cubase is yelling at me with this message: “Error during file copy! The operation must be canceled!”

I’ve removed unused media and emptied the trash. I tried to backing up w/ “Keep Current Project Active” selected and de-selected. I have also tried backing up with “Remove Unused Files” selected and de-selected.

The project seems to be fine but really need to back it up because Cubase threw all the audio files into the template folder and I need to clean it up.

Can someone pls assist, I’m worried that I may loose my project… ):

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Resolved the issue…
Hope nobody has this happen to them but if any one else encounters this issue here’s what I did.

For some reason Cubase didn’t recognize or was confused about the pool files.
I ended up changing the name of the template folder and re-opened the project I was trying to back up. Of course Cubase was not happy and wanted to find the pool files so I selected the template folder and the pool audio files for each track. Once this was done and verified that project was working properly, I created the backup of the project. what a pita!

I also created a clean backup of the template w/ no audio tracks. (;

The initial problem is that I open the template and just rename the .cpr w/ the new file name. Think what I need to do is open the template and do a backup right away to a new folder w/ the project name, then int the Back up Project Options, change the project name.

Thanks every one for your assistance!

You’re very welcome! ((:

It’s better to save the template as eh, a template, so it will appear as such (I’m assuming, and it sounds like, you open your ‘template’ as a regular project). Then by creating a new project from this template, Cubase will ask for a directory and all associated files will be in this projects ‘Audio’ subdirectory. Make sure there are no files whatsoever in the model project before saving it as a template.