Backup Feature Request

I love the backup feature, but I hate that it puts it in the same folder as my main session. Two suggestions that would be really nice.

  1. Just like you have a Mixdown Folder, Track Pictures Folder, ect… Make a Backups Folder automatically whenever automatic backups are on. Place backup project files in that folder.

  2. Give users the ability to change the file path of backups if they so desire.

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What are you referring to? Not File>Backup Project, I guess?

Edit-- I guess you mean auto save.

I completely agree with you on this. Seems silly to me that they can’t just have Cubase check this folder to see if the newest version is a back up file. I can’t stand the clutter it creates. I use Hazel for Mac and worked with them to make it possible to keep the latest .bak file and move all the others to a nested folder.

Here is also an AppleScript for those on a Mac to toggle hide/show for those files in the Finder.

I personally use Keyboard Maestro to trigger this but there are a bunch of apps that you could use to trigger these like Quicksivler, Alfred, LaunchBar etc.

--  Toggle visibility of files having a chosen extension type in a folder
--  Run script once to hide, and again to show
--  Also includes lines for setting all files visible, or all invisible.
--  BP 2012
set targetFileExtension to ".bak" -- Set this to the extension you want to hide. ⬅🔲
tell application "Finder" to set currentDir to (target of front Finder window) as text

-- Get the names of files in folder, hidden or not:
set targpath to quoted form of POSIX path of currentDir
set zed to do shell script "ls " & targpath -- bypassing the Finder

-- Massage shell script data into a proper list:
set oldtid to AppleScript's text item delimiters
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "
set tlst to every text item of zed -- every file in folder (except UNIX invis)
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to oldtid

-- Toggle each files hidden status
repeat with n from 1 to count of tlst
	if item n of tlst contains targetFileExtension then
		set targpath to "'" & POSIX path of currentDir & item n of tlst & "'"
		do shell script "chflags hidden " & targpath
		--do shell script "chflags nohidden " & targpath
		-- Comment out the line above, and uncomment one of the lines below to set
		-- the visible status of everything in a folder to the same value
		--tell application "System Events" to set visible of disk item targpath to true
		--tell application "System Events" to set visible of disk item targpath to false
	end if
end repeat

return targpath

Thank you so much for this! I have keyboard Maestro but haven’t used it alot, maybe I can do what you are doing.

Yes, sorry I am using the wrong terminology. Yes I mean the autosave function. Cubase always puts the files in the same directory, and it makes things really messy having a bunch of backup files.

Other DAW’s like Pro Tools put automatic backups in a folder. I love cubase and wish it could do the same thing.

Well we just got the Mixdown folder, I don’t know if we can handle another new folder so soon.

For PC folks here is a script to also hide the .bak files