Backup in Background


I’d like to have the possibility to either record to two different locations at the same time or to backup a recorded file instantly to a different location.All for safety reasons.


How about a RAID 1 or RAID 5 array…?

Hello Heiner,

we store on raid 6, but this does not solve the backup problem and storage on a different drive.


Two ideas:

  1. create a duplicate track and change the record location on that track. When both tracks are armed, the recorded audio files will be on two places.

  2. Use Synk, a life file synchronizer. It creates backups in the background and copies all file changes immediately! I use it for years. Just setup once and never look back.

I use MirrorFolder
Perfect, stable and almost invisible (in terms of resources).
I use it since ten years…never an issue.

We use InSync.


Good Morning,
thank you Valerio and Fredo for your proposals.I also found a very usefull programm by now wich is called FolderWatch. I tried it out and just works perfect