backup is only created when stopping playback???!!!!

I just - again - lost work because of Cubase crashing.

Naturally autosave is enabled but after having lost some work I knew should have been covered by autosave I tested when the -bak file is created. To my horror I discovered that you can have Cubase running for ages WITHOUT the backup file being created. Only when you stop playback the file is created.

In this way you could get caught in the flow of - say mixing - for theoretically hours when you’re in the zone. If Cubase crashes with playback having been stopped you’re screwed.

Steinberg please comment

I am afraid that the BAK files are not infallible and that the only way to ensure the safety of your files is to save regularly. This is something I have learned through bitter experience.

Ctrl Alt S, saves an incremental backup. It is second nature to me, “hopa” right after doing something worthwhile!

Same here, when I’m finished with recording i do a “backup project” in Cubase and archive the original folder.
Never lost anything the last 10 years.

Also… you can set the autosave interval to be as often as you want down to as little as every 30 seconds.

For me… autosave every 10 minutes, (5) files max works pretty good.

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Irregardless, you have to stop Cubase for the autosave to do it’s thing, so in the OP’s case it wouldn’t have mattered what the interval was set to.

Also, that tidbit’s omission from the manual is extremely regrettable. Certainly it should be mentioned, or, autosave should run during playback. The problem though, is that in large projects (at least with many VST Instruments) you would be locked out of the UI while the save is happening, which is what I presume the reason is for it working this way- to avoid nasty surprises. Yes, I notice the irony :wink:

but, the reality is indeed that it’s we users who are responsible for making sure we save and backup, and we have to be proactive in learning how these things function.

Now I get it… Duh.

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