Backup Project also saves origin project


Part 1 :

  • Create new Project,
  • Add 2 Audio Tracks and import or record audio on each one,
  • Save the project.
  • Delete one Track,
  • Create Backup and select a new folder,
  • On the Backup dialog, only check Remove Unused Files.
  • Proceed.
  • Result : The Backup project opens automatically.
  • Close the Backup project,
  • Load the Original project,
  • Result : The Original project has no missing tracks, everything is ok.

Part 2:

  • Now create a Backup once again on a different folder,
  • On the Backup dialog, check both of Keep Current Project Active and Remove Unused Files,
  • Proceed.
  • Result : The Original project stays opened.
  • Close the Original project,
  • Load the Original project again,
  • Result : The Original project opens as an exact copy of the Backup.

This confirms the Keep Current Project Active saves the current project at the same time the Backup is created. This is indeed not expected, and can lead to immeasurable loss of time if Auto-Save was disabled and this was the only save file available for the project.

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