Backup Project breaks Sampler tracks

I have a project with audio events and sampler tracks referencing to the same audio files. When I perform a Backup Project, in the new Pool the Sampler tracks are still pointing to the audio files in the old location, not the new one. If I then delete the old location, the sampler tracks are broken.
Has anyone else found this?


There was already report like this. But I wasn’t able to reproduce it. And unfortunately I’m still not able to reproduce it.

When you load the Backup project and move the mouse over the File Name in the Sampler Track, the file path should appear as a tooltip. Can you see, where does it point to? To me it clearly points to the Backup folder.

I can reproduce it:

Pool original project.

Pool backupped project right after Backup Project. Notice the empty waveforms in the Sampler tracks with paths to the new directory

Pool backupped project after reloading the project. New copies of the Sampler track waveforms made with the paths to the OLD directory.

Strange, isn’t it?

Yes I have the same problem. Doesn’t happen with every project.


Could you please attach a screenshot of the Backup setup window?

I have all the options checked.