Backup Project keeps old Project Folder location

Hi, I have been having this issue for several versions. I tried to find a existing topic for it but none really seem to hit the exact problem. Some other threads hit on related subjects such as the;
[Feature Request] option to set project folder location manually. This suggestion is often called unnecessary or other work arounds - but the fact is I really need this feature.

My issue is that I have lost many projects because after creating a new project, then backing up to a new folder - the Project Folder didn’t get updated therefore all audio files remained in the “temp” directory, which at one point got deleted because the project didn’t get backed up properly.

I can provide a reproduction here.
1- create new project (using temp directory location to begin with)
2 - record audio/make small track
3 - Backup Project - to new empty folder
4 - now project still didn’t change the Project audio folder - it still says /tempdirectory/project 25 (eg).

After 2 or 3 tries of opening the project and re-back up project again, finally I can get the project folder properly transitioned to the new directory, out of the temp location.

So you can see why it would be very simple to simply introduce the option to manually select the project location, then follow with the ‘Prepare Archive’’ option via Pool options.


PS I want to stop losing my audio from small projects!