Backup Project keeps old Project Folder location

HI, I am still experiencing this issue and it continues to be very frustrating and often time consuming. Results to this feature bug/mislabeled feature can result in
1- lost audio for projects after system reinstall (because .wav’s are not located in /project/audio folder after a “Backup Project”
2- multiple project close/reload projects (time consuming)

here is my previous (cubase 8.5 BR

I can provide a reproduction here.
1- create new project (using temp directory location to begin with)
2 - record audio/make small track
3 - Backup Project - to new empty folder
4 - now project still didn’t change the Project audio folder - it still says /tempdirectory/project 25 (eg).

After 2 or 3 tries of opening the project and re-back up project again, finally I can get the project folder properly transitioned to the new directory, out of the temp location.

So you can see why it would be very simple to simply introduce the option to manually select the project location, then follow with the ‘Prepare Archive’’ option via Pool options.

Still, no one replied so I will repost until I get a response.

Details - I have a /temp directory setup for my ‘default location’ for new projects.

edit:additional info

this is what my project folder looks like AFTER backing up to a NEW empty folder, closing program and reload project!