Backup project not copying all files

I wanted to transfer my project to a new computer and used the backup project thinking it would bundle all the necessary files in the pool. I open it up on the new computer and none of the files on sampler tracks were copied over. WTH? Come on guys how hard is this? What am I missing?

What is “sampler tracks” referring to? Steinberg’s VST sounds playing back ‘live’ in a sampler like Halion? Or something else?

And did you read the manual on this?

I’m assuming it’s this

Ok. Well the manual talks about using VST sounds from Steinberg and how that relates to backups.

I remember this was a bug back in 10.5? And 11? But it was supposed to be solved eventually.

Something about paths not updating correctly I think, and Cubase looking in the wrong place for files.