Backup Project to keep all audio files removes some files from project audio folder

Hi, using windows explorer I can see 26 files (251mb) in my project audio folder. When I use file/backup project without checking any of the audio reducing options the backup project audio folder has 12 files ( 162mb) eg. 6 wav files Whistle_01 to Whistle_06 have become just the Whistle_06 (the same size as the original -01 file). In the original Pool there is Whistle_01 and beneath it 5 takes which I think are the waveforms. So only the audio files showing in the original project Pool are carried to the backup BUT the project’s audio folder has what appear to be extra takes 01 to 05 - Any ideas as to why the pool doesn’t reflect the audio folder? many thanks.


What happens, if you open the backup project, please? Is any file missing?

Hi Martin, just listening the backup seems the same as the original. About 30 tracks so a little hard to tell.

I wonder why your reply didn’t get notified to me by email. Luckily i still had the forum window open.


Then it seems the backup was working as it should. So only the audio files, which are in use in the project, have been backup.