Backup project

I have a question about backup projects. I always start a new project: D:/start/
First backup will then be D:/project/…
I always choose to erase unused files.
The “start” catalogues gather files from every first project. Sometimes when i look into the project catalouges files are missing.
i want the start catalogue to be empty for every new project and all the files saved in the projects created from backup (only used).
Do I have to manual erase the start catalogue after each project? Am I doing something wrong?

If I read you right, you want start to be like a Template. If so, you should Save As as soon as you open the template to set the correct directory and get everything to the desired folder from the beginning. Also, Prepare Archive is an important tool that should be used before Backup.

“Prepare archive” is only necessary, if you want all files in your current project folder. “Backup project” will copy all files used in the project automatically, (depending on the checked options)

Ok i think i understand. My cubase 6 template always start “d:/start” but i guess i could choose right away a catalogue for that project. It is just a way of working. Sometimes i dont know if i am going to be creative so I use i start catalouge for everything.

The archive thing (hm never heard about it and used cuabse 5 years. Will try it!

Merry Christmas!

That´s because Cubase does not talk to you - you have to read it in the manual… :wink:

You would be better to use New Project, then select a directory from the file tree that pops up and make a new folder for each and every project you start. Keep it simple.