Backup time :)

Have you goodly peeps backed up yet? I just did. Took around 20 minutes :sunglasses:


Does that include the new 1TB hd ? :slight_smile: :teef:

Your almost getting fanatical with your monthly reminder Phil, good on ya, keep it up :sunglasses:

Some people are probably still like you used to be and will regret not backing up !

Will do next week, cheers :slight_smile:

It does indeed include my 1tb backup drive. Even got projects on CD and DVD :smiley:
The odds of someone having problems here are not remote. Stroph, today is next week :laughing: I’ve lost whole albums due to not backing up. Ain’t gonna happen again :sunglasses:

Happy computing folks :nerd:

Mañana, bañana.

20 Min?!?!?!?!?! :confused:

Mine usually takes a minimum of 4 hours.

:open_mouth: That’s a lot of projects Tom :open_mouth:

I was going to ask the same thing about your 20 min Phil but thought I’d wait and see if someone else noticed and Tom did :laughing:

Are you backing up everything including the OS etc ?

I suspect you were just backing up Projects which makes more sense to me, as I usually have a disk image of the OS drive which rarely changes so I only backup the Project drives.

Then again, maybe Tom is backing up to floppies :mrgreen:

I’ve been looking for some NOS 5 1/4" floppy disks for just that purpose. They’re getting harder and harder to source. :wink:


That is just one project drive full backup image. I have the OS done like Paul and mine hasn’t changed so I image that much less frequently.

I do have a question for those that use Acronis true image:

The last backup I did was last week and the backup seemed to be created fine, but when I go to verify the image, it keeps throwing an error. This is doing a full drive image, not an incremental. This drive has a lot of different client projects on it.

Now, when I do the individual client project backup images with a file structure like this:
“e:/Client name” which within that are all the individual folders for songs and a main project folder that has the main album tracking before it is consolidated to the separate song folders: “Songname_mix”, the backup and verification works fine.

I can’t seem to figure out what is going on. Why does it throw a validation error when I do the entire drive and not when I do the individual client folders? It only fails on the verification.

Any ideas?

Gawd no, I don’t give a crap about all that other stuff :laughing: Tunes take priority :sunglasses:
Artwork and downloads I’ve bought already backed up to DVD and external drive.

Bump. Just did a backup. Got a bit freaked when we had 3 power cuts inside a week :open_mouth:
Thought it best :sunglasses:

Backed up as well today, set up a scheduled backup for every Sunday now, and a monthly new image of the harddrive.


I was in fact thinking of bumping this topic reminding everyone else to do the same because I hadn’t seen you do it in a while. Great minds think alike :sunglasses:

I think I’m missing something on the backup thing here. These days 1.5TB external drives are $80. Any of these have backup programs that once you’re initially loaded ,automatically update whats needs to be backed up.I have 2 and plug in one or the other every few days . A 1.5 tb drive is equivalent to 187 dual dvd’s or twice that for single layer making dvd’s way costlier,not to mention theyre a write once medium that will fail over the years (my experience anyway)

Anyway why the use of dvd’s or less than weekly backups? Not being wise ,seriously asking what I’m missing.

JMO, but DVD, and probably CD-R, are worthless in terms of back-up reliability

I think the only reliable and sensible backup anymore is off-line back-up. DVD and CD-R back-up is unreliable. An external drive will burn up just as readily as your main drive in a fire. Off-site off-line backup is relatively inexpensive and reliable.

Offline is just as dangerous I would have thought Doug, anyone can have a power failure, an EMP from nowhere has no prejudice. Up to you guys how you back up, I back up all projects to an external hard drive, occasionally do a DVD backup for projects I’m working on or those I’m gonna shelve for a while. If I’ve done anything in Reason, for example, it’s easier to plonk those on DVD as they’re very small files, non-WAVs. Cubase projects get the hard drive treatment out of necessity. When a Cubase project is completed, I clear out the unused files and put the project on DVD as well. Label accordingly, and put in a safe place. Makes sense to me, YMMV :sunglasses:

Just backed up some projects and ZIPs. Ages since I backed up, sure it was later than August. Can’t be sure so just as well :sunglasses:

Be safe there peeps, just read about a guy that lost 4 years-worth of work :open_mouth: