Backup vs linked audio

Is there a way to “backup project” so that my linked audio is not saved to the new folder?

As an example, I’m starting a film project and I’ve created my template with the video, video-audio tracks (3), timings, and some instruments. The video-audio files are in a folder with the video, and I’ve linked to them rather than copying to my project folder. I’d like to do a new “backup project” so I can start a new cue, and have it not copy all that video-audio to the new folder, because at 90mins and 3 tracks, that’s way too much to copy to every cue’s folder for the whole film. Is there a way to do this?


You can just save the project with a new name.

But that won’t make new recorded audio go to the project’s new folder, it would go to the original folder. ie:

\Projects\Jaws\JawsTemplate.cpr audio goes in \Projects\Jaws\Audio

if I “Save As…” to Drive:\Projects\Jaws\1M1_Intro\1M1_Intro.cpr, new recorded audio still lands in \Projects\Jaws\Audio instead of \Projects\Jaws\1M1_Intro\Audio

In addition, I’d like to leave whatever audio is in the template in Project\Jaws\Audio

So at the end you will have to folders for the audio files? The linked I’ve and record one?

Then you can change the recording folder in the Pool for the new “Saved as” project, before you start to record in to it.

Thanks, Martin…as far as I can tell from what I’ve read online, you can only set the pool folder to be a separate subfolder of the already existing audio folder. I see that I can individually set a track to record to a specific folder, but I can’t seem to find how to change my project pool folder to be where I want it.

Oh yes, you are right.

It looks like the best solution in this scenario is to create the film’s template as, surprise, a template. This way, when you go to open it and start a new cue, it asks for the new pool location (as long as you have that radio button clicked in the open templates window), while leaving the template’s audio files in their original location.

One downside of this is if you need to create a new cue from an existing cue (say you just finished 1M23 and want to use that project as a template for 1M24, you’d have to create a new template first instead of using “save as” or “backup project”)

I think a lot of people have asked for the ability to manually change the pool folder from the pool window. It would eliminate a lot of confusion and give more flexibility. Another solution would be to add some checkboxes to “Save As”, allowing for optional moving audio and/or pool with the save.

I would also go for a template.