Backups missing

Let me start by saying that since 9.5, Cubase has been super stable and smooth. However, yesterday i’m in the middle of a session that started at 2pm. around 3:47pm, my computer crashed where it literally froze and I had to restart. Luckily, my back ups were up to 3:45pm so I didn’t lose much. I started up the backup file and renamed the session from “OUT OF BODY OUT OF BLUE” TO “OUT OF BODY OUT OF BLUE R1”. So I continued the session and we simply picked up where we left off. At about 5:30pm, I received a "Cubase crash “Close Program” message. I was frustrated that this was happening again but good thing I have my backups set to every 2 minutes…WRONG! when I went to the project folder, Cubase had not saved a backup file since I reloaded the backup file and renamed the file to “OUT OF BODY OUT OF BLUE R1”. So I lost almost 2 hours of work. I know I should have been saving the project myself more often than I was but this is why I depend on the “autosave” feature. Any idea what caused this so I can try and avoid it in the future. Needless to say, the client could never re-take her vocals like the originals we lost. Isn’t that how that usually happens? fml. Thanks

You’ve said a couple things that are making me think you didn’t actually save this new R1 project?

  1. You started up the backup and renamed the session
  2. You loaded up the backup and renamed the file

What did you rename exactly and how did you do the renaming?

If you used save as from Cubase you would have at least that one renamed cpr there but it doesn’t seem to be in your list?
I’m just wondering if you may need to actually save something after renaming before backup will happen.
Or could it be you managed to save it somewhere else by mistake and it’s still sitting there?

Also note that you don’t actually lose any recorded audio in any crash (unless it’s crashed mid recording)
If you record as bwav I believe you should even be able to import them to the project in exactly the same location they were recorded.


Share (via Dropbox, or similar service) the crashdump files located in the Documents/Steinberg/Crashdumps, please.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I took so long to reply. Just a little history, I’ve been using Cubase since SX3 so i’m very aware of how to open a backup file and rename the project. But for the sake of troubleshooting, here is the steps.

  1. 3:45PM Cubase crashed
  2. I re-opened Cubase
  3. I dragged the file named “OUT OF BODY OUT OF BLUE.bak” to the menu bar in Cubase to open the file.
  4. Once that backup session file was completely opened in Cubase, I went to File-Save as and then saved that backup session as “OUT OF BODY OUT OF BLUE R1”
  5. 5:30PM I get another crash. I go to the project folder and there are no backup files from the time I loaded the backup file and renamed the project. Trust me. After a crash and having to open a backup file, that is the first thing I do. I have no reason to come on here and say that I changed the name after my second crash if I did it already after my first crash. Doesn’t help me solve the problem. But then again, at 41 and working 10hr days in front of this thing im getting old so my mind can be playing tricks on me. :confused: