I’ve noticed a few comments about Dorico backups. As a mac user, I bought Forever Save a couple of years or so ago as I was having problems with Sibelius backups - a real life saver, it bailed me out of problems many times.

Forever Save appears to work perfectly well with Dorico. I’ve had reason to use it several times and haven’t had a problem yet.

What I (and I think a lot of users) want is an auto-save functionality to backup our progress when working.
It’s a shame whenever a program crashes and my work is gone…

For backup there are a lot of tools (build-in like Time-Machine or Volume-Shadow-Copy)

I remember having read an answer from Daniel Streadbury about that a while ago. He says this will be implemented soon — and I agree that it would be a major improvement !

If I type +dorico +autosave in advanced search, I find this :

Count me in on the desparate wish for auto-save… 2 minutes ago this would have been handy :slight_smile: