Backwards and Forwards Compatibility between Cubase 10.5 and Cubase 9.5

Hello - I am in the market to purchase Cubase Pro as I want to put down some extra vocal and guitar parts onto a bunch of songs recorded via Cubase Pro 9.5 which is owned by my bass player.

Given the current Covid-19 pandemic and the fact we live 400 km apart - I want to be able to use the collaboration features in Cubase (VST Transit?) to do this.

I would also like to be able to mix some of the tracks we have recorded via the collaboration feature.

But its seems like only Cubase 10.5 is for sale now and I can’t find any Cubase 9.5 for sale anywhere include online, Ebay etc.

So I have a few questions:

  1. is there backwards and forwards compatibility between versions 9.5 and 10.5? i.e. can anything recorded in one version be able to be easily imported and edited in the other version? Ditto for mixing? I suspect the main issue will be when I record in 10.5 and then my bass player can’t import that back into the original tracks in his 9.5 version? When using 10.5 Can I save my files into a 9.5 compatible version to get around this?

  2. Do i need to purchase an eLicence USB dongle (I don’t have one) or does that come with the software already?

  3. Can I get away with Cubase 10.5 Artist to do the above or do I need the Pro version?

thanks for your help!

Hi and welcome,

First of all, with Cubase 10.5 license you could start and run Cubase 9.5 too. So in the works case, you can install and use Cubase 9.5 too.

  1. Yes, there is backwards and forwards compatibility between versions 9.5 and 10.5. In both versions, you would use common CPR file.

  2. If you would buy a retail version (the “full” version), the USB-eLicenser comes with. If you buy any update, then you have to buy the USB-eLicenser extra.

  3. Yes, Cubase Artist is also compatible. Be aware, the Pro functions wouldn’t be available in the Artist version. So you could have missing plug-ins issues, for example.

ok great thanks for that information much appreciated !