Backwards compatibility nuendo 12 to nuendo 7 files?

Im designing something in nuendo 12 which needs to playback on a nuendo 7 computer. Can you open a nuendo 12 file open on Nuendo 7?

I don’t think so… usually compatibility is the ability for the new DAW to open old versions, not the other way around. Unless we make a time machine.

I am constantly opening projects in N11 and N7 and it works fine, with the caveat that some newer Steinberg plugins (for example Supervision) will not run properly in N7. To solve this I try not to use Steinberg plugins at all. On this basis I imagine N12 to N7 will also work. I Hope so anyway.

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Maybe I could export a track archive and open that in the older version ? I cant just expert the tracks as wave as there is a live element with the effects

plenty of software has a degree of compatability built in (obviously not new effects and features)

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Good to know. thanks.

From what I’ve seen Steinberg doesn’t do anything to stop you from loading new projects in older DAWs. There isn’t a “format version” flag or something that gets checked and says “no” if you try. So, it could well work. However, they aren’t going to support it if there’s any problems. So if you load up a file that has something new in it and it doesn’t open or has a problem, well they are going to say “That’s on you.” But they don’t flat out prevent it from working.