Backwards compatibility / Old versions

Hi - can someone answer a very simple question for me? So simple that I can’t easily search for earlier posts asking the same question…

If I install Cubase 6.5 on my Mac running 10.6.8, will I LOSE the ability to run Cubase 4?



Thanks for that… I have a couple of thousand Cubase Files on my hard drive, some extending right back to Cubase VST, and most of them containing music scores. To rescue a really old legacy Cubase file, I have to run Cubase SX1 to open the “ALL” file, then Cubase SX3 to clean that up, and then Cubase 4 to preserve it.

Yes, it looks rather pathetic written down, but that path retains the most information from the old scores.

I want to keep this rescue path open for the handful of files each year that I need to rescue, and I certainly don’t have the time and inclination to rescue them all “just in case”!

Many thanks for the reply…

I don´t know, what exactly you´re doing there, but you can usually open .ALL files in SX 3 directly - in case you didn´t know that…