Backwards compatibility to 7.5?

I’ve just had to stop working in C8 due to a EuCon issue ( )
so have reverted to 7.5.2 for now. However, the project doesn’t open cleanly (all same content) after being through the C8 mill. The mixer will not open (have to use Mix Console 2) and the key editor (double click midi to open) is invisible. The window is listed under the Windows menu option, but it can’t be found - maybe it went off screen somewhere and is not retrievable? Can’t find a way to bring it back, anyway.

It is always a good idea to save 7.5x projects under a different to begin with until you are confident about C8. Part of the problem is that the new features cannot be replicated in the previous version.

I think the point here is that newly made projects in 8 are not compatible with 7.5.
Nice to know, before I decide to go to 8…

Indeed. I find you only really fund out about a version when you jump in properly and start working on a project. Of course then when you find a major problem down the line, you are rather stuck with the work you’ve already done in the new version. Fortunately in this case it happened fairly quickly, not much to recreate.

Looks like it’s the windows management that is stuffing up the backwards compatibility.