Bad-behaving disabled instrument tracks with multi outs

  1. When loading a project (or using a template) with disabled instrument tracks, a pop up window appears on launch asking if you want to delete the disconnected multi outs. Would be good to never have to see this window (as a one time “never show this again”).

The following apply to instrument tracks that are loaded disabled in the project (or from a template), and then are subsequently enabled.

  1. Midi input set to off. Needs to remember the saved state instead.

  2. Confused mulit tracks. Yesterday I had an issue with multi out iZotope Breaktweaker. On enabling, it produced more than 6 aux outputs (the maximum for the plugin) - 5 and 6 had identical duplicated tracks and no way to get rid of them. The order was all over the place too. Tried to recreate on a simple standalone project but that behaved normally, so it seems to be an erratic / project dependant problem.

Issue (1) above still not addressed in 8.5.

Also affecting all disabled tracks, their Quick Controls are not remembered correctly when saved disabled then re-enabled.

2 years later…

Issue 2 is resolved, 1 and 3 still a real problem. 3 is the worst, and the reason I still can’t routinely use multi-out disabled tracks. This is what I got enabling Superior Drummer 3 today, after yesterday saving a brand new template:

All the outputs except output 1 are mysteriously duplicated, and audio passes through both.