Bad display in Cubase 11

============================================Hardware Info===============================================
CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H @2.60GHz
Graphic Card 1: Intel UHD Graphics (1GB)
Graphic Card 2: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti (4GB)
Memory: 16GB

Screen Resolution: 1920 * 1080

1.Black areas appear when zoom in/out in SCORE EDITOR;
2.Dislocation of grid lines when DRAGGING WITH TIMEWARP TOOL.
(All as screenshots shown in Attachments)

(Only in Cubase 11 Pro. There’re no problems like these in Cubase 10.5 Pro.)

Try disabling HiDPi in Preferences - General.

Seemed to fix some odd UI issues I was having.

Thank you for your reply. I tried doing that but there’s nothing different.

All these phenomenons disappeared after the graphics processor of Cubase 11.exe was set as “Integrated Graphics (集成图形)”. Support for NVIDIA Graphics Card in Cubase should be improved, I think.

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More to say: after changing the Graphics to “Discrete Graphics” in BIOS, the issue does not appear.