Bad DPC Latency new build

I just built a new DAW around a Asus X99-A USB 3.1 mb and Intel 5930k but I can’t seem to get rid of the DPC Latency (see attachment from Latency Mon).It looks like it might be my video card (Geforce 210) but before I go replaciong it I thought I’d get advice here. I’ve also updated mt Intel Lan (built in) drivers as well. All other drivers are up to date.The reason I’m concerned is because Cubase 8.5 has stopped a couple of times (audio recording failed). It’s only temporary but very frustrating (not to mention embarrassing with clients).
Also, I’ve done all the bios/Cpu and Windows tweaks including turning off all power limitations etc.
Any ideas?

Try using the onboard graphics and disabling your Geforce card and see if the DPC spikes remain.

If having the asus support utilities installed, try de-installing these, I’ve noticed over the years that this software can be very aggressive towards resources and causing all kind off hick ups.

I use a previous generation Asus board, the X79.