BAD Install Disk from Cubase 6 Pack

Im trying to install Halion Sonic Trial that came with my Cubase 6 Upgrade Pack but it’s just freeze up every time
the cubase 6 upgrade and The Grand 3 Se install was really easy but Sonic just stay there …

I’m having the same trouble with mine.

Mac OS X:
There can be a problem with the HalionSonic installation when the installation is aborted the first time and attempted again afterwards. Be patient when installing HalionSonic as it may take some time. This is because the plenty content has to be extracted.

You must remove the “HS” vstsound archive files from the following path before you attempt to install HALionSonic again:
MacHD:\Library\Application Support\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\

The respective HalionSonic files should be named: