bad neo-soul demo

:cry: First I loaded the neo-soul trial and it messed up my HD, I have uninstalled H4 and reinstalled. Also C6.5 no longer recognizes BFD Eco drums, and the mp3 encoder is in the elicenser program, it really is bad when the protection scheme causes big problems. It seems like I spend more time cleaning, un and reinstalling than I do creating music. Very dissapointing.

Yeah last night suddenly I had a USB e license problem with Neo Soul, Halion One, basically all the dongle stuff was trying to get Cubase to crash. Generally it’s ok, but it can suddenly go bad with no reasoning whatsoever.

Run the license test, it can’t even access it’s own database. sigh.

NeoSoul sounds great but when I’m using it I get this feeling that I’m hauling a wheelbarrow of bricks around.

Aloha guys,

And if you go to the 'VST Instruments and Virtual Effects Plug-ins ’ forum,

You will find no ‘Neo-Soul Keys’ forum
(like there is a specific sonote beat re:edit forum)
in which to report occurrences like the two previous posts.

A separate forum for Neo-Soul Keys would IMHO be a help
for users.

However, perhaps there are not yet enough NSK’s users to justify
a separate specific forum,