Bad Noise UR22 MkII

I am using a UR22MkII with Logic Pro X on a Macbook.
I recently bought a Behringer X-Touch Compact and as soon as I start Logic with the UR22 as the Audio Interface, there is a loud hum in both speakers.
I tried several different USB and power leads and it was still the same. I don’t get the noise when I use the headphone socket on the UR22 and I have used a different interface with the speakers without any noise.
Has anyone experienced this (and found a solution)?

Maybe a ground loop initiated from the X-touch compact?

Why do you think the cables could change anything?
They are still wires.

There was always a possibility that one of the leads had a poor connection so it was the obvious first step.
When I took the UR22 out of the system, there was no hum. It also didn’t make any noise until I started Logic. Looks like some kind of compatibility issue. I have re-jigged it and have got the hun down to a manageable level now.