Bad spacing on one measure in parts


This one measure has bad spacing in every part. I don’t see a reason and I tried to apply note spacing and it doesn’t seem to work. I can move it manually but just seeing if anyone can identify what’s happening.

Thanks, Ray

It’s to accommodate the adjacent tempo marks, I believe – “A tempo, meno mosso q.=112” is quite a long string to fit in the horizontal space of a single 3/4 bar.

You could perhaps add that as system-attached text, formatted to look the same as tempo marks e.g. using a paragraph style that matches the tempo mark font styles, and then arrange the two in each layout as required. If you end up doing this and need to move the text item a bit away from its original position, you will probably want to disable collision avoidance for it first, so Dorico doesn’t continue to “expect” it to be in its original location.