Bad to the backbone. Buh-buh-buh-buh-baaaad

Today I did the crossgrade from Cubase Pro 13 to Nuendo 13. According to this page, Nuendo comes with some complimentary products: Complementary Products for Nuendo | Steinberg

Going through the VST plugin manager I can see some of those products are installed, and some are not. Spectralayers is in that page, and I believe the bundled version is One, which I already had from Cubase Pro 13.

Now, Backbone, very interesting with all those funky colors, Iconica Sections and Players, and VST Connect Pro are not installed, and they definitely do not show in My Product Downloads in the Download Assistant.

I’ve never used the Ambidecoder, I’m not sure if it was part of Cubase or not, but it does show in the plugin manager. As for the others, I see them in the download manager, but not under my products, so I don’t want to download them before I know if I have a license for them or not. They definitely don’t show in the long list of products that show on the right pane when I select Nuendo 13.

How do I get these complimentary products?

Hi, these complementary products are merely recommended products for Nuendo users. They’re not included with the Nuendo 13 license.

You can find everything included with Nuendo 13 by clicking its icon in the Steinberg Download Assistant. If you have already downloaded everything for Cubase Pro 13, you only have to download the Game Sound FX and Pro Sound Effects Content Sets.

Then I must have the wrong concept of the term “complimentary”. That word to me always meant that something was included with a product or service. Not a huge deal, after all I got this $1,000 amazing software for $270, so I can’t complain. I just thought those things were supposed to be included.

You’re not wrong, someone at Steinberg has misinterpreted the meaning of the word “complimentary”.

I can’t say for sure, but it could be a matter of languages, in the sense that some words are spelled very similarly (I know this because while my primary language is English, my native language is Spanish), or the spelling is different, but the literal translation means something else.

For example, the word “pretender” in English means a very different thing than the same word and spelling in Spanish, the latter actually being a verb.

Now, according to Google Translate, the translation for “Complimentary” is “Kostenlos”, so the spelling is way different, but perhaps that word, in German, means something closer to the Spanish version, which it’s more like, in this case, Backbone and the rest of those plugins are products that complement Nuendo, as in, they work well with it, and enhance the experience, or something like that.

But well, I really doubt that Steinberg is being deceptive in putting that word there. I would change it if I were them to something more like "Additional plugins that integrate well with Nuendo or something like that.

I don’t disagree, I doubt Steinberg is being deceptive and I hadn’t thought of the definition where complementary means “it complements” but that’s a different spelling. Being an amateur language dork I checked, they used the correct spelling. That was a fun little sidebar on a Friday, cheers!

I was going to buy the crossgrade in part because of the “complimentary” products only to learn they are “complementary.” They are, in fact, two different words.

The “e” makes all the difference. :expressionless:

I think part of my assumption was based on the buying of the “big brother” app of Cubase — the one costing more. So one might figure there’d be a few extra goodies in there beyond a few more plugins and post features.


Them bastards with their Es and Is!!! That’s how they getcha!!! Potato, Potahto, it all sounds the same to me!!! :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:


Well, that “e” did take a bit of the wind out of my impulse-buying/consumerist sails. I think, in my case, I assumed that, just as with Cubase, Nuendo might have it’s own fleet of addons that you download as “complimentary.”

But I guess they’re one and the same. Which is okay. Good to know. No DAW-based class wars that way. :slight_smile:

Well, the fact that it doesn’t include some of those “complementary” products (some it does), doesn’t mean that Nuendo and Cubase are the same. Nuendo has tons of extra tools and plugins.

Here’s one of the videos that convinced me to spend the $280 to get the crossgrade:

Of course, many of those extra features are aimed at sound design and post, which is something I do and want to improve on, so when a $1,000 piece of software that does what Cubase does and adds many extra features that I’m also interested in, at less than 1/3 of the price, that’s a no brainer to me.

But if your use is just for music, then I’m not sure it would be worth spending that on Nuendo for features you may never use.

With taxes it would cost me around $441 CDN. But I was interested in the app. for its post features and some of the voice manipulation plugins for film work and audio books, etc. FYI, I actually began my DAW journey on Nuendo 1.0. :slight_smile: Way, way back…

I have more use for it nowadays. But that doesn’t change what I said, which is that N13 shares a common feature set of addons w CB13/12 — Halion SE, etc.

Tell you what. I’ll trade you your Canadian citizenship for my American one, and that way you can have Nuendo cheaper. Hell, I’ll throw in my Nuendo license. Worth the Canadian citizenship.

But yeah, I can see how that is more expensive, but just number wise, because I don’t know the typical salary in Canada, like if $1,000 US and $1,000 CDN are more or less the same for each country, meaning, the amount a thousand bucks represent for each society.

They share a lot, but you are aware of all the extra things, right? Because if you think they are basically the same, the look is the same, but the features are not:

Blame hospitality industry for that. Two extra bottles of mineral water and free breakfast. :sweat_smile:

I’ll probably still buy it for the added features. But it really felt like my birthday for a moment when I saw Iconica Sections listed as compl-E-mentary. :slight_smile:

That would be nice to include. Given that Cubase Pro 13 includes Iconica Sketches, it would only make sense that Nuendo 13 includes Iconica Sections, wouldn’t it, Steinberg? :wink: :wink:

That was my first (and wrong) impression. Iconica for Cubase and another Iconica for Nuendo. No one said that life was easy.

Hahaha I think that’s what people normally refer to as “First world problems”.