Bad XML export: MusicXML file contains incorrectly numbered wedges

I’m not a Dorico user, however I have received an XML file generated by Dorico with errors which causes MuseScore to crash. MuseScore crashing has to be fixed in MuseScore however the XML export problem in Dorico should also be fixed.

This is the messages I received from MuseScore developers:

”Cause found: the MusicXML file contains incorrectly numbered wedges (hairpins in MuseScore speak). In some cases there are two parallel wedges, both numbered “1” (instead of “1” and “2”), in two cases there are three parallel wedges, all numbered “1”.

The “three parallel wedges all numbered 1” cases trigger a MuseScore bug leading to corrupt hairpin administration resulting in a crash.”

Trad. Nielsen - Sommerdag Irmelin - Full score - 01 Jeg gik mig ud en sommerdag.xml (2.1 MB)

Welcome to the forum, @jes.wagner. Do you have a means of getting in touch with the Dorico user who exported this MusicXML file? It would be easier for us to resolve this issue if we can see the original Dorico project from which the MusicXML was exported.