Baffling ALT problem

This has me really confused… in cubase 5, pressing ALT would highlight the top menus (ie File / Edit / Project / Audio / Midi). Now when I press ALT it just modifys the arrow tool into the Draw tool.

I checked in Tool Modifiers but ‘Object Selection’ isn’t an available category, does anyone know if it’s possible to get rid of this modifier? I used to be able to shave lots of time off various actions just by learning the initials of each menu selection but now have to mouse up to the menu and click through.

I’d never noticed it before, but you’re right. Unless the Cubase main window (not the project one) is focused then it doesn’t work, and even then the letters don’t get underlined… mare!

It seems to work OK if you press ALT plus the menu key (F, E, P, etc) simultaneously.
Pressing them sequentially doesn’t seem to work like it did in C5.

Cheers for your input… good to see it’s not just me being an idiot!

FD’s tip does indeed work, ie making sure ALT is still pressed when you hit the required initial. I’m having no problem doing it sequentially for any menu that isn’t already a key command (ie when I press ALT+M it mutes the part instead of selecting Midi). So I guess a simple workaround for this would be to re-assign any key commands which contain ALT and the initial of any of the menu items.

Big thanks, that’s going to save me so much time :slight_smile:

Aloha H,

Must be a PC thang because pressing alt (alone) on my Macbook
while in the Project Window does nada.

I’ll check later this evening on my desktop 'puter.