.bak fiiles

What do I do with the .bak files that keep piling up on my desktop. Is there any reason to save them?

Well, they’re useful if you need them of course. In other words if you end up with a corrupt project file you can hopefully use a “.bak” to recover some work.

However, I don’t really think you should have them end up on the desktop. Unless I’m completely mistaken those files should end up wherever your project folder is, so if you get them automatically on the desktop then it implies that the desktop folder is your project folder. Best practice is I think to create a dedicated folder for your project and keep all items there.

In addition to that since I do incremental version numbers on my “.npr” files I end up with a fair amount of npr/bak files so I manually also create a folder that I name “previous project files” and put that in the project folder. Every now and then I just drag older items into that folder to keep the main project folder clean.

Anyway, probably not a big deal to get rid of them as long as you have some decent backup system in place outside of Nuendo.


My bad - I have the project on my desktop. I will create a project folder. Thanks…s