BAK file disappeared after crash

I am on CB10 and am very frustrated now :neutral_face: ,after working on a project for 3 hours and getting nice results,
Than i had a Crash, I wasn’t to worried as i have the auto save Backup set for every 5 minutes.
i even checked and saw a few BAK files inside the project folder.
so i closed the song and went to open the latest BAK but no BAK they all disappeared . what the #@#$%!!!
can someone tell me if this is a Bug or i did something wrong?
I feel like i lost a precious piece of work here…

What do you mean by ‘crash’? No can know what happened if you don’t tell us the steps you went through, specifically.

The auto backup function is not a replacement for a human to hit save periodically.

Something similar with missing .bak has been mentioned a few times in various threads. I’ve seen the issue and resolved it for me. I found a non-Ascii character in the UserPreferences.xml file. I removed that, and .bak files are again generated. I’m not sure if Steinberg engineering/support reads these notes; they certainly don’t respond, so you’ll have to search a bit for the answers.

I have had this problem as well. Cubase crashes, .bak files gone.

Report the issue via your my steinberg account and include that xml file if it happens again. That would probably give them some useful info to get to the root cause.

User-to-user troubleshooting can solve a lot of issues people have when they take the time to really trace each move that happens before something breaks.

When you close a project without saving it (and select “No” when prompted: “Do you want to save”), Cubase deletes all your dat files for that project.

I know. It’s incredible.

But what’s really incredible is when I first started complaining about this,way back when Cubase was at Cubase 7.5, someone from the Steinberg development team showed up in the forums to defend this “feature.” Said something like, “This is how it should be” and locked the thread.

Now, based on the OP’s description of events, one can’t be certain this brilliant “feature” was the culprit, though I can’t imagine what else it could be, but regardless, there’s someone fairly high up the food chain at Steinberg who actually believes Cubase arbitrarily deciding to delete your project files is “the way it should be.”

I wonder if it’s the same person who decided to give us 64bit float instead of fixing a veritable infestation of bugs, many going back years.

I’m pretty sure I never had this problem before, the BAK file once created was there to stay… I don’t remember how it was in 7.5 but 9-9.5 always worked… what’s the point of automatic saving if it disappears when cubase crushes or closed… somthing is really wrong in this case… sounds to me like a serous bug making people loose precious work

Is this report about CB10? I’ll try searching for”missing BAK file”


This is not a widespread issue- if it were there would be plenty of people yelling about it.

Did you click ‘no’ in the dialog? Did Cubase actually crash and stop running, or did it post that dialog saying there was a crash, and giving you the option to see more notifications, about it or not? In either case, you should always save your work, there’s never a reason to not save something you need, and if you do save, those bak files are there and you can open them.

And of course, it’s just hyperbole to say, "there’s someone fairly high up the food chain at Steinberg who actually believes Cubase arbitrarily deciding to delete your project files is “the way it should be.”

I’ve been working on a project on my PC and tried the new snapshot feature, for some reason CB had frozen on me while i reversed back to the previous snapshot , I managed to check if there was BAK file automatically created , and yes it was there created just 3 minutes before the crash… I had to force close CB10 and start it again, went I wanted to open that BAK file surprise surprise it has magically disappeared… I felt terrible loosing all that effort and work .

It sucks terribly that you lost work, and I know how that feels, but ultimately it is up each of us to have proper backup hygiene, so to speak. In my view, the auto-backup function is a last resort type of thing. I have it set for 1 minute saves, 10 files max, and in my own experience it has worked quite well.

Was there just one BAK file? And did you happen to note its size? If you force-quit Cubase, Cubase could not have removed it at that time. If it was removed later there was probably some user interaction involved, but the info you’ve given isn’t enough to come to any conclusion.

Maybe CB10 is still not widespread enough, cubase crashed and asked me to save my work, but it didn’t let me do that, saying the file is corrupted or somthing, so I had to press Alr-Ctrl-Del and force close it… I did check inside the folder if the BAK file was created and it was… when trying to open again it just disappeared… what’s the point of having an automatic backup if not for emergency cases like this one… it’s just plain useless if it’s being deleted for no reason … I never had this problem in previous versions… always trusted my Automatic backups.

Is there a recent crash dump in

edit: %AppData%\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps\ ?

Sorry- that should be %userprofile%\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps\

There where a few BAK files, I have been working for 3 hours before making a new save. There isn’t really much to it…The BAK files should have not disappeared, I know it usually works fine but this is a new version of CB so I’m not sure it’s not a Bug. BAK files should not disappear

Sorry- that file path should have been: %userprofile%\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps\

I’ll check this out later and let you know

If this issue has never happened to you, that does not mean it doesn’t exist. It does not mean that the person who lost their work is irresponsible for not saving their work. This is the reason the feature exists. I have my backups set for every 2 minutes. Why? Cause its a feature offered by Cubase that allows me to work without having to worry about constantly saving. The answer to the op shouldn’t be “well you should’ve saved your work”. Whats the point of having autosave? .bak files being deleted after a crash has happened to myself a while ago exactly how it happened to the op so I know it’s possible. Hasn’t happened in a while but it’s not new.

:confused: I was going for evangelizing on the benefits of a save, save save mentality but it came off way too heavy… Anyway yeah, it’s possible there’s an issue… we shall see- hopefully there’s a crash log available.

Similar thing happened to me a few days ago and I made a thread about it but to no avail and had to recreate my entire production from scratch. The external I was running the project off got accidentally disconnected mid playback, and caused my MBP to restart. Upon restart and going to the project folder, the .cpr was now an “invalid project file” and wouldn’t open, and not a single .bak was to be found, despite my autosave being set to every three minutes.

I normally always save as in incremental numbers, but this one time I chose to save over the original project file - and I got screwed. Fortunately it was only 4-5 hours of work, still incredibly frustrating but I managed to recreate the whole thing eventually.

here try this: