BAK Files: A life-saver that should have its own dedicated folder

I have only experienced this issue a few times and I figured out why it was happening for me: I was opening a session with Cubase 10 and then open the same session file with another version of Cubase, say Cubase 12. This caused the preference file to freak out and change my backup files preference in the preferences panel.

SX was released in 2002. This has been a problem for 20 years now - long before the invention of these bulletin boards and telephone support tickets!

I’ve long ago given up worrying about it’s unreliability - which across multiple computers, Cubase versions and OS’s I’d put at being around 60%. I have it permanently turned on, but in the full knowledge that it is simply a useful addition to a proper manual backup system when it decides to work. I am only posting in the thread as a warning to other users - trust it at your peril.

I am not talking about telephone support tickets. You can open a written one inside of your account.
I am curious, as I don’t seem to have this problem, I also never had any reliabilty issues.
Can you perhaps link some of these big discussions? I am active here since C7, but somehow I did not notice that.

+1 for dedicated folder.
The project folder is very messy currently.

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+100000 for dedicated folder

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If there gonna be a dedicated folder then Iam gonna start using the bak files feature.
For now it defaults to disabled, too messy indeed

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Please, Steinberg! The dedicated “export folder” proofs it works like a charme! Please add a Backup File Folder! At least give us a different icon/colour for Backup Files…Thanks!


Same here. I want to see all the version, including backups, in the same folder sorted by date. For me, this is handy, not messy.

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I see your point, but to able to choose the direction/ to have an option (like with the export folder) would be the perfect solution…may everyone be happy :wink:

Except for the developers, that is.

ah, yes, I again see your point…with this in mind, just go to the “What good can you do for developers” forum an post it there :slight_smile: …just kiddin`…:slight_smile:

Auto backup has always worked well for me in Nuendo and Cubase but I learned something today (painfully)

If you open a .bak file and start working in it, it DOESN’T auto backup. 2 hours painstaking work went up in a puff.

This doesn’t apply if you go through the usual ‘there’s a newer backup of this project do you want to use it’ routine because that creates a new .cpr file.

Lesson, don’t work in a backup, immediately save as a new project name.

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If you remember the exact steps could you list them like this? It shouldn’t happen, for sure.

But also, auto backup is not meant as a replacement for manually hitting ctrl/cmd-s to save. The feature is long in the tooth though, and ripe for modernization. It was quite up-to-date in 2002 though! :rofl:

Thanks Steve! I’ll try and reproduce it and post a big report anyway.

You’re right of course! Crashes are rare for me in recent times so I’ve become a bit lazy!

Could be useful if the user can put the files on a other driver, maybe even on a network drive.

Lemme know, after you created it. I could “reproduce” it.
It seems that .BAK files only get created, if you are working on a .CPR file.
If you work on a .BAK and never save it manually, so that it becomes a proper project file, there will be no new backup files created.

Here’s the repro:

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I’ve only been demoing Cubase for a week and whole heartedly agree.

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+1, give us at least the option

+1 Really would love a separate folder to keep things organized, and be able to see all my .cpr versions clearly

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