BAK Files: A life-saver that should have its own dedicated folder

If there gonna be a dedicated folder then Iam gonna start using the bak files feature.
For now it defaults to disabled, too messy indeed

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Please, Steinberg! The dedicated “export folder” proofs it works like a charme! Please add a Backup File Folder! At least give us a different icon/colour for Backup Files…Thanks!


Same here. I want to see all the version, including backups, in the same folder sorted by date. For me, this is handy, not messy.

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I see your point, but to able to choose the direction/ to have an option (like with the export folder) would be the perfect solution…may everyone be happy :wink:

Except for the developers, that is.

ah, yes, I again see your point…with this in mind, just go to the “What good can you do for developers” forum an post it there :slight_smile: …just kiddin`…:slight_smile:

Auto backup has always worked well for me in Nuendo and Cubase but I learned something today (painfully)

If you open a .bak file and start working in it, it DOESN’T auto backup. 2 hours painstaking work went up in a puff.

This doesn’t apply if you go through the usual ‘there’s a newer backup of this project do you want to use it’ routine because that creates a new .cpr file.

Lesson, don’t work in a backup, immediately save as a new project name.

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If you remember the exact steps could you list them like this? It shouldn’t happen, for sure.

But also, auto backup is not meant as a replacement for manually hitting ctrl/cmd-s to save. The feature is long in the tooth though, and ripe for modernization. It was quite up-to-date in 2002 though! :rofl:

Thanks Steve! I’ll try and reproduce it and post a big report anyway.

You’re right of course! Crashes are rare for me in recent times so I’ve become a bit lazy!

Could be useful if the user can put the files on a other driver, maybe even on a network drive.

Lemme know, after you created it. I could “reproduce” it.
It seems that .BAK files only get created, if you are working on a .CPR file.
If you work on a .BAK and never save it manually, so that it becomes a proper project file, there will be no new backup files created.

Here’s the repro:

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I’ve only been demoing Cubase for a week and whole heartedly agree.

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+1, give us at least the option

+1 Really would love a separate folder to keep things organized, and be able to see all my .cpr versions clearly

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