.bak files: can I tell Cubase to put them somewhere else?

Is there some way to get Cubase to put all of it’s .bak files into a master backup folder? I would much rather look into one folder for any backup that I need rather than seeing them litter up whatever area I have made for my .cpr files. It becomes an eyesore after a while and is counter-intuitive to good organization.


That’s a good idea, a separate folder for backups, +1.

I would love that.

super idea.It’s very confusing right now

Yup, its a bit painful trying to keep track of backups ,archives, cprs, templates, vst presets, etc a more friendly system, would be nice…things are a bit more messy, with more different types of files to keep on top of.

+1 :smiley:

Not a good idea. The system of having a separate folder for each project and all its related files is an excellent one. Even if you neglect to give tracks etc. unique and meaningful names, it removes any chance of confusion. Imagine having a dozen audio files named Track 1.wav stored in random locations?

The only fault at the moment is that the invitation to create a folder when you create a new Project is not insistent enough! It’s all too easy to end up with a heap of Projects and their related files all in one big messy heap.

Good idea. I think it should be a subdir of the project folder, e.g. Backups. This is how ProTools does it, and it’s very tidy obviously!

I save a new numbered version whenever I save, I also use the auto-numbering save sometimes when working fast, and then couple this with having 20 auto-save backups at 5 minute intervals then pretty quick I end up with 100s of files in my project dir. I get fed up with regularly copying these into a Backups dir myself, rather Cubase did at least the .bak files for me.


P.S. How about a poll?

Well, don’t then! When you open a Project from the Files menu in Cubase you don’t see a list of .BAK files. Why do they trouble you? It’s a non-problem.

Many people do not use the file menu to open files, they go directly to the file through the Finder.

I was referring to .bak files, not the audio files. One folder containing all of .bak files would do fine.

Why not open files in Cubase? That is the only place where your .cpr files have any significance, so why not browse within the application? I don’t understand.

In which case, when they open a Project’s folder, they will see the complete bundle of files that comprise that Project. And, hopefully, files for ONLY that Project.


Bump +1 no such luck in Cubase 8.5 either.

+1 The single most important upgrade to Cubase in my opinion!

Bump. I’ve been looking through Cubase’s configuration files (app data/program files) to see if this is just a setting and haven’t come across anything yet. Very frustrating that something so simple was neglected. This blatantly should be in a subdirectory of the project folder. This is not the first thread on this I’ve found, either.

Is there an official enhancement request anywhere? This should take all of an hour to do if they application was written in any sort of orderly way.

I agree I can’t speak to the programming side but I spent hours with Hazel having it auto move things in subfolders for this reason. The developer of Hazel for Mac was much more responsive and adaptive to making this happen then Steinberg but they have a lot they have been doing and I can’t complain much at all because we finally have ARA coming and snapshots are finally here. Some great enhancements in Cubase 10 albeit a few small steps backward that should be fixed hopefully soon.

If anyone is on Mac and needs help with the Hazel rules let me know. Cubase doesn’t auto-sense there is a newer version but neither does Pro Tools if you crash, you just have to go check yourself which I can live with more then the utter mess all the backup files make in the root of my project folder!