*Bak files location

Hello, i use Cubase 10 pro.
Is there a way to choose where the bak files go? Because every time they fill my desktop.

Thank you

If they are filling your desktop that implies that all your Projects are on your desktop. That is asking for trouble in general. The best practice is to create a new unique Folder for every Project - one Project per Folder. The reason for this is all the Projects in a single Folder (or on your Desktop) will have their Audio Files intermixed. This can grow into a huge mess that is really hard to sort out. The exception is if you have Projects that you want to share the same Audio, like different arrangements of the same recording session.

For new Projects set the option to “Prompt for Project Location.” Now Cubase will ask you to specify a Folder location for your Project.

To clean up existing Projects use “FIle>Backup Project…” to create an entirely new Project in a new location which is based on your currently open Project. Don’t just copy the files to a new location in Windows, use the Cubase function. Once you’ve done this for all the Projects on your desktop you can delete all the .cpr & .bak and all the Cubase Folders from your desktop.

Thank you a lot